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DFCI Medical Out Reach And Check Ups

Children are great gifts to parents, families and the society. They are the future earth, It is therefore necessary to care, train, protect and ensure they are healthy for them to keep the purpose they are given. Unfortunately, many African children die at a very tender age due to one diseases or the other of which many of the diseases are those the children can be protected from. And, issues Like poverty, gross dearth of medical facility and other man made calamities are often responsible for the children’s Health- Care is paramount to the survival and positive development of every child and that is why parents

And nearly 10 million children die each year before they reach the age of five. Nearly half a million women die each year during pregnancy or as a result of childbirth. Most of these deaths can be prevented. Simple and low-cost measures exist that have the potential to save millions of lives every year.

Many developing nations across Africa still lack basic resources and infrastructure to provide quality healthcare. The continent faces unique circumstances such as having to travel from remote areas to access healthcare and distinctive African medical conditions. Ongoing treatment for long-term diseases such as non-communicable diseases (cancer, diabetes and heart disease) is also a major issue.

  • More than a third of the 128 million births a year, two-thirds of 57 million deaths, are not
  • No data on quality of services reaches health care providers, facility managers, policymakers
  • An est. 3.9 million Africans will die from NCDs by 2020
  • In 2015 East Africans spent around $1bn on Indian healthcare as “medical tourists


Preventive care | Exclusive Breast Feeding (6 Month) | Appropriate complementary Feeding

  • Malaria Control
  • Immunization Nutrition
  • Prevention Of Diseases
  • HIV/AIDS In Children


Mother To Children Transmission

  • Empowerment
  • Empower parents and relatives as a follow up.



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